March 2019 Issue 1

Welcome message from the Chair

I would like to welcome you to our first edition of Restoration and Renewal Matters. This is where we will update you on the progress we are making on the Restoration and Renewal Programme for the Palace of Westminster. 

Where are we now?

Last year was a momentous year for the Restoration and Renewal Programme. But what does 2019 hold in store?

Meet the Board

The shadow Sponsor Board provides leadership on R&R. Find out more about three of the 12 members here.

What will Restoration and Renewal include?

The Programme was set up to transform the Houses of Parliament to be fit for the future. What’s involved?

The Palace restored and renewed, in stages

Find out more about the seven stages, from design to construction.

A story in the air

Why is the Palace shaped the way it is? Discover how a clash of visions led to the final design of the building.

A few of my favourite things

We asked some of the team to share their favourite items from our heritage collections.

Restoration and Renewal – your 60 second guide

Last year new bodies were put in place to manage the Restoration and Renewal Programme. Here’s an informal guide to who’s doing what.